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“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

~ Karen Davison

Who We Are


PAW HELP UK is fully established rescue. We work in cooperation with rescues from the most difficult to help countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus.

PAWs are not registered charity yet, but all our work is charitable and non-profit, run by volunteers on non-paid positions.


Paw Help UK mission is to help as many dogs in need as possible and to find reliable forever homes for rescue pets with no regard to their age, health, temperament, breed and history.



Adopt a Dog

Most of the dogs offered by PAWs are ex-home dogs that have been abandoned by humans. There are also puppies born as stray dogs from previously abounded ex-home dogs. We do not offer half-wild or aggressive stray dogs. Some dogs can be fearful due to their sad past experience with humans or if puppies, are not socialized enough. All PAWs rescue partners are foster-based, and all dogs spend no less than 2 months with a foster before coming to the UK (often it is more than 4-5 months, especially for Ukraine).  All dogs arrive fully vaccinated and microchipped. All adult dogs (above 10-12 months) are neutered (with the exception if under medical or force-major conditions). Paw Help UK provides livelong RBU (Rescue Back Up) and full post-adoption support and advice.

Our History

The dream to start rescue and rehome rescue dogs in UK was born in 2019, when Elina was on Easter holidays in Ukraine.


But everything was looking so complicated (Ukraine in not-listed non-EU), that dream was just a dream for a long time.


Foster & Save Lives

Not ready to adopt a dog? You can apply for fostering. Foster parents are a critical part of our rescue.  Since we have no facilities/boarding kennels in the UK, we rely on dedicated foster families to provide dogs with a temporary home before they get adopted.

FOSTER A PET, be the bridge between homeless and home, save a life (or more!).


Dog waiting


We do not get any grants or any financial support from other charities or funds. We completely rely on publicsupport.  Your spare change is able to make a huge change.



Rescue Dogs


When you sign up to give just £5 every month, you are helping more than you think. The monthly support we know we can count on helps us say “YES” without hesitation to these tough cases who have nowhere else to go.


Rescue Dog


Paws do fundraisings in emergency or exceptional cases. Please see our current fundraisings. Every pound means so much to the rescue effort.



Doggy Thank You


Share our fundraisers, posts and websiteon your social media, tell your friends and family about us. You could even hold your own fundraising event.

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We continue to collect HUMANITARIAN AID.

We accept food and anything for DOGS and CATS.

Every day we get more and more requests for support.

Please help us to continue to help all those animals in need

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