Everyone loves puppies! However, you may be surprised at how perfect an older adopted dog can fit into your life. An older dog can be the perfect choice for newbies who may not have the time for training from scratch. At the same time, older dogs can bring a new kind of joy to longtime dog owners who want to experience the instant and unique bond that can only be formed with an older dog.

Forever Home

No ‘accidents’ 

If your family is quite busy, it can be difficult and time taking to house-train a puppy. Puppies need to go out very frequently to relieve themselves and aren’t typically able to contain it when they need to go to the toilet. It would be rare to find an adult dog that still needed to be house-trained, so right off the bat your new adult dog can enter your life without the mess or stress that comes with a puppy.   Additionally, adult dogs have strong instinct not to mess and able to endure.

Older dogs can form deep connections with you

An older dog can bond with you just as deeply as a puppy. When you rescue an older dog it may feel like they instantly know that this fantastic new person has come to their rescue and changed their life forever. Older dogs are ready to love and are incredibly appreciative of the love you’re bringing into their life. You may notice your new adult dog only wants to be in the room that you’re in, and he’s always open to cuddle session.

Keeping your shoes safe

Puppies have to chew a lot to grow strong, healthy teeth. However, they may not have learned to only chew toys and therefore take their teeth out on your favorite pair of shoes, the furniture, the TV

Adult dogs may be more receptive to new training

Older dogs can easily learn new tricks, and they often have a head start with their training which is an advantage of adopting an adult instead of a puppy.  The amount of training your new adult dog has will vary, but no matter the amount, an older dog is also more receptive to learning new commands. With the firm bond you two share, there will be more concentration from your dog towards each one of your actions. This natural awareness will make your new dog much more receptive to learning new commands.

No surprises

How big will my puppy get? What kind of personality will they have? These questions cannot all be answered by looking at breed. When you adopt an adult dog, these questions already have an answer. When adopting an older dog, you know in advance what to expect from their behavior, rather than rolling the dice with a younger dog without a fully developed personality.

An immediate companion

With an adult dog, it’s likely you’ll be able to go wherever you wish as soon as you adopt them. An adult will be calmer and more understanding than a puppy and therefore will be able to spend more time with you doing what you enjoy!

If you have children, you shouldn’t be afraid of adult dogs. Puppies are hard to control, both with their teeth and their paws. If you wish to get your children used to dogs, an adult dog is likely to be calmer and therefore not as frightening.

Older dogs often have the benefit of being socialized previously with both other dogs and with other humans, making them more likely to have positive interactions in the future.

Older dogs need your help

Older dogs get adopted at a much lower rate than younger dogs. When these dogs should be enjoying their golden years, instead, they spend their days in a shelter. When you adopt an older dog, you will not be able to deny the warm feeling of pride for changing a dog’s life. The love you give to this dog is a love it would never have otherwise known. The same goes for the love this dog will return to you in spades. A kind of love that can only take place between a dog and the human that saved its life.

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