What To Consider Before Applying to Adopt


Cruelty to animals takes many forms and can be found in virtually every community. The dogs who were found on the streets are often times victims of abuse. Ukraine and Belarus  have very slack laws regarding animal abuse. Dogs and cats are seen very differently in those countries than they are in other countries, mostly seen as nuisances. The stories that you may hear about Paws dogs are terribly heartbreaking. Your initial reaction may be to rush out and want to adopt that animal immediately and give it a warm and loving home. It is this kindness that we all appreciate but before you do anything rash you must ask yourself “why” do I want to adopt a pet. There are a few things to consider:


Potential adopters must ask themselves, “Do I really want a pet? Or am I reacting with a sympathetic humanitarian response to the atrocity of animal abuse?” These are basic questions that have to be answered by anyone thinking about adopting an animal from abuse situations. While feeling compassion for these animals is a normal human emotion, it should not be the sole reason for wanting to adopt one of our animals. Adopting any animal is an enormous responsibility and entails a change in lifestyle. To enter into such an undertaking with an animal that sometimes may have health, behaviour, and emotional problems is something that must be given serious consideration.


Some rescued dogs may have medical problems later in life. Do you have the money to financially take care of an animal that has lived a hard life? Are you prepared to buy toys, food, dog training/ behaviour consultations, annual vaccinations/medical, etc.  Rescue dog needs to have a commitment financially, so you need to be prepared.


Rescue dog requires investment of time and patience to “unlearn” bad habits and learn new ones. Many dogs even though rehabilitated at the home foster based rescue, take some time to recover after a long road journey to UK. They also then have to settle into a new environment they have never seen, smelt or heard before and deal with many frightening stimuli and new people. Adapting can take weeks before they settle. Your pet may be afraid of certain stimuli and you may have to help changing your animals fear & mindset with positive association. Take in to account that they may also be wary of you at the beginning and that may be hurtful when all you want to do is love them. Can you deal with that? Not all the animals have the above fears. Adopters need to show commitment, time and patience to help with any issues.

If your desire to ADOPT is responsible, please see our Adoption Policies and apply

After reviewing the facts some people might recognise that they really do not want  to adopt a pet; they simply want to do something to help the animals. We have many other ways to Support Us

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If you wish to apply for adoption, please complete the online pre-adoption form below.

Before completing it, please read the adoption terms & conditions at the beginning of the form, and answer responsibly.  Thank you