BUDDY – 3-4 years old boy – Small size Pomeranian spitz

BUDDY is beautiful fluffy boy. He is around 3-4 years old. Pomeranian spitz. Neutered. Small size of around 35 cm/6 kilos.

BUDDY rescued from abandoned breeding station (story is below).

Based in Midlands, available for adoption over UK (collection from location / sometimes full or part way delivery can be arranged)

However bad care and poor conditions he had in past, he is very sociable, very loving, affectionate, playful and cheerful. Good with dogs, can be unsure of big pushy ones. Good with older kids, unsure of young, loud kids.

BUDDY was taken to the rescue after his owner passed away and he became not needed by relatives. He was very confused and scared as he went to Foster with many other animals – about 10 dogs and 5 cats. He waned human interaction and attention. We believe he will be happy to be the only pet or be with a calm dog.

BUDDY will make loving and loyal pet for the right family, his tiny size and fragile build require careful handling and supervision, especially around children and larger animals.

BUDDY health and needs: he is healthy according to vet examination. But those who adopt Pomeranian should be also aware that they need to be supervises as you would a toddler – those dogs are very small and easy to step or hurt by door. Poms vitally require regular brushing and grooming to keep their skin healthy and coat beautiful. Their eyes need care (with good food, which suit them usually there should be no issues with tears). Pomeranians as a breed specifics often can have problems with their teeth when getting older, so you’ll need to monitor and care (like giving enzyme powders in food, etc). They need high-quality diet appropriate for their age. They need good walks and exercise and being highly intelligent needs metal stimulation. And last – they are very much companion dogs and can’t be left for long hours alone.

BUDDY is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, had dental treatment C.Brucella tested (owners will receive licensed laboratory test certificate along with other documents).

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary
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