CHERRY – 11 months old girl – Smallish medium size

CHERRY is a sweet, calm, friendly very intelligent about 10 – 11 months old girl. Smallish medium size, almost reached her adult size 40cm 11kg.

CHERRY is very cheerful, curious and likes to play and learn new things. Friendly to people (both males and females), children, dogs and cats. Loves cuddles.

Cherry lives at Foster family with other dogs and cats

• SIZE: Small medium 40 cm shoulder height/ 11kilos
• SPAYED: yes
• CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: friendly, loving, calm, happy, smart
• DOGS: Amazing with all dogs.
• CATS: yes, ignores or gently interested
• CHILDREN: Good with, best older kids 8+

CHERRY was rescued as a baby from the street by an old woman. She grew up with 10 cats. In January, this woman had to go to live with her children due to health problems. Unfortunately, her relatives lock the house and Cherry was left on the street during the winter, in temperatures of -15 degrees. Cherry was rescued from the street a second time by a volunteer who lived nearby. On a frosty evening, the rescuer heard the screams of a man who threatened to kill Cherry. When the volunteer went to them, he saw the man holding a large piece of wood and swinging it at her. The man said his dog, which was chained in the yard, was irritated by Cherry’s presence and barked constantly. Cherry, who had to survive on the street as a homeless for almost a month, was taken into the home of her rescuer.

She is ready to follow you everywhere in the house and garden, but without annoying. She adores her family members and is ready to do anything to please them. Without any special training, before leaving or entering the house, Cherry stands at the front door and looks to get permission.

CHERRY has no seperation anxiety she can be left alone at home and feels comfortable resting or sleeping in a home environment (but currently sve lives with other dogs and cats.)

CHERRY eats in a separate bowl and shows no desire to eat from the bowls of the other dogs she lives with. Goes on a lead, but the training must continue.

CHERRY sleeps through the night without waking up. Has established hygiene habits. Knows her name very well and has a good recall.

CHERRY is absolutely adorable pup. She is very friendly and playful. She is very loving, very curious and smart. She loves absolutely everyone.

CHERRY loves kids, but as with adopting of any puppy family should consider carefully, as pups use to play rough with kids, including playful mouthing, chasing, jumping, taking toys off and so on. So we would recommend kids 8+ She will perfectly suit home with the other friendly dog.

CHERRY has no known health issues; spayed. Full vaccination pack, provided worms treatment, microchipped. Brucella C. tested.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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