OREO~2 years old boy~medium to large~neutered

OREO is an active beautiful boy. Medium to large size. Castrated

OREO will need a patient family preferably with another friendly dog. Not busy household.

Location Harwich, Essex, CO12

OREO been with family from 8 weeks old. They love him but unfortunately feel the need to re home him due to his reactivity to new people

That’s what family say about him:

“Oreo will be 2 in November, we have had him from 8 weeks. He was castrated at 9 months. Sudden behaviour change shortly after. Absolutely fine with people he knows, fine with children he knows and lives with. Lives with a cat also. Began to show what we think is guarding behaviours, at home, and out on walks. Reactive to strangers, has never bitten but growls and lunges. Is absolutely fine with other dogs, loves someone to play with. Has basic commands, sit, wait, down, finish and middle.
Always walked off lead until behaviour change so is still adjusting to lead walking and can be strong. Has seen a behaviourist, uses lick mats, snuffle mats etc to keep his brain active. Loves to paddle but can’t swim. Extremely food orientated, can be won over with patience and treats when approached properly.
Barks a lot at the door and for the first couple of minutes of a walk, excitement possibly but soon stops. Has seen his vet recently for booster vaccinations and a check up to make sure behaviour wasn’t linked to pain and was given a clean bill of health.
We have adapted our garden, new higher fences and gates etc to keep him and others safe. Oreo needs someone who can work through these behaviours with him so he can be the giant loveable doofus we know he is. Unfortunately due to his size, and the fact that for months now we have been unable to have friends/family round, my children are unable to invite friends round, being reactive on walks etc we made the heart braking decision to let him go to someone who can help him. Absolutely not a decision taken lightly”.

OREO has no known health issues and is castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and provided with worm and flee treatments.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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