ROSA – 11 months old girl – small medium

She is very smart and would love to have work to do. We believe she is border collie mix spaniel.

ROSA is looking for a loving home with kind and patient humans experienced in anxious and traumatised dogs💔🐾.She is such a lovely girl, but  nervous and anxious at start.

Location Ashford, TN26

ROSA is very very timid and unsure. She needs experience family ready to build her confidence. She needs everything slowly. She need to have her own space at start. She also needs time to come and trust. Not suitable around kids😞 (even if she currently live and is bonded good with a Foster son, we do not wish to risk as not all kids can be so patient to give dog time)

ROSA needs a calm, confident Resident dog for reassurance. She loves dogs. And feels good around them.

ROSA loves cars and is very happy to travel.

ROSA is at Foster and that’s what she say about her :

“Rosa came to us from another foster and really took 2-3 days to come out of her shell. Since then, she has been growing into such a gorgeous dog. She has had some trauma in her past, which has meant that she can be quite scared of men and sudden movements initially. However she has settled into a wonderful, outgoing, playful and very affectionate dog with some late onset puppy playfulness. She loves being outside, runs faster than my other dogs put together, loves all training (I think she’s super smart) has some herding instincts from her breeding and plays incessantly with my son and the other dogs. She is highly affectionate, adores my youngest son in particular and loves other dogs. She does benefit from being slightly dominated by another dog initially then she falls into line and is lovely. She travels in the car and walks on a lead no issues and has good recall. She is generally great at being toilet trained with the occasional mishap overnight. I think she’d be best with someone who wants to do agility or train working dog or someone who spends a lot of time outside.”

ROSA is a timid and nervous girl who will need some space and time to adjust during the first few days. With a bit of patience and some boiled chicken, she quickly warms up and blossoms. Once comfortable, she adores attention and grooming sessions. ROSA is quite content in a quiet home, where she can relax and feel safe. She is well-behaved, going to the toilet in the garden, and is not pushy with other dogs. However, she does get frightened by loud noises and overly energetic dogs, so a calm environment without young children or super active dogs would be best for her.

ROSA has no known health issues. She is vaccinated, microchipped. Not spayed, haven’t had season yet. Rescue will pay for her spaying.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary
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