TIA -6 months old girl-small-to-medium-Border ColliexSpaniel

TIA  is friendly toward all humans, but can be shy at start. She is very good with other dogs.

TIA is such a lovely girl, but as often in both border collies and spaniels sometimes is anxious and needs patience and mental enrichment to train calmness (rescue is happy to provide full support and lots of tips).

Located at  Tamworth B77, available for adoption over UK

That’s what family say about her :

” Positive things: very loving and affectionate, sits for a treat and before she has her food, toilet training needs some more work but she is getting there, Barking when your not in the room needs some work and around little humans and also trying to pinch your food, she has the making to be a lovely pet for someone and given time will settle in. She can now get up the stairs but struggles to get down. All in all she just needs a little more time and work and I’m sure she will be fine.”

TIA has no known health issues. She is vaccinated, microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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