UK resident: CONNIE – 3 year old girl – Medium Large

CONNIE is an active and loving about 3-year-old girl.

CONNIE is a beautiful dog with a love for human companionship and playfulness.

SIZE: Medium – Large (just 56 cm shoulder height/26 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Human-oriented, playful, active
DOGS: Friendly, wuth correct introduction
CATS: Untested
CHILDREN: Good with children 12+

Location Northampton, NN36

Rescue Story: CONNIE arrived to UK in November 2021 as a pup, unfortunately family made a hard decision to re- home dye to heavy personal circumstances abd change of work. That’s what Family say about her :

” Sadly having to rehome Connie after 2.5 years due to circumstances changing with work meaning we can not give the time and ongoing training for her. When at home with no guests she is the most loyal, gentle amazing dog. Unfortunately due to some of her behaviour to house guests and rare occasions outside on walks some barking, we are struggling to devote the time to her training. I feel if she had a calmer household she would be better suited with someone who was not working and can spend that time with her and raise her confidence.”

Good on a lead but can be reactive to close dogs at times, tends to be only when I take her but not with husband or male dog walker.
She doesn’t tend to pull much unless she sees a squirrel. She is 26kg so can be strong if she does pull. Doesn’t walk well in temperatures above 18-20c and prefers to sleep at home on warmer days.

House trained with toileting

Medical history: Recent vet check to ensure no under lying reasons for behaviour issues. No concerns at all either with teeth.
Seen by behaviourist who recommends ongoing calm environment for her

Training: she already knows basic commands such as sit, lay down and will go to her bed. We find most of the time we achieve this with rewarding good behaviour with the “yes” mark and giving her high value treat such as duck. We also take treats on walks as when I walk her at times I have to use this as a destraction as may on occasion bark or pull towards people/dogs but this is usually only when I am on my own and there is not much space between me and the other dog/person. No issues when she is with my husband or dog walker.

Children: although she has lived with children I would not recommended she is rehomed with any. The reasons being we have found Connie struggles to relax within a busy household. As soon as kids are running, jumping, screaming, wrestling etc she either tries to join in and becomes very boisterous or becomes stressed and barks.
She become very protective of me and I think being a female owner and the children within the household she does not feel confident in me being the alpha so takes charge. It’s difficult to have guests over especially when my children are home as she tends to bark a lot. Once she manages to sniff the guest she tends to calm down and relax, but not when the guests are other children. She will follow them around. I am unsure if this is because she concerned for my kids or just wants to play.

When she is with my husband and male dog walker she shows no signs of reactivity or aggression so I feel this is because she feels more safe and confident with them.
She has also growled at a young child who came into the house and walked within her space/ near her bed but has never bitten.

Food: currently on a diet of complete dry food with supplementary natural treats. Her favourite is deer legs and cow ears. She will try her luck and wait patiently for some food from your plate but does not tend to steal from your plate.

Playing/toys: her favourite game is tug. She loves chasing things so would not be suitable in a house with small furries or cats and she will catch and eat mice when out in the country side. She needs a lot of enrichment so we have a lot of puzzle and roll toys to get her treats.

Being with other dogs: she does not like other dogs coming into her house or space but again this is because when me and the children are there. With careful introduction she may tolerate 1 larger alpha dog when joining another family who could put her in her place. Does not like puppies and had pinned down a neighbours puppy when she ran out the house by accident. She goes out with a dog walker several times a week who will have multiple dogs with him and let’s them into a field. There have been no events where she has attacked these dogs so again I think I am the common denominator in bringing out her guarding/reactivity behaviour.

Travelling: she likes a car ride and travels fairly well. She may struggle to lay down and tends to like having her head out the window but would manage a couple hours drive.

Being home alone: likes the peace and quiet and can be left for a few hours on her own, initially when changing her environment she may whine with separation anxiety but she soon calms down and is not destructive.

Days out: she is not keen to be in very busy places like town centres, cafes, pubs, beaches with lots of people etc and will not sit down. She may stand for a while but eventually will be pulling to leave so would be better suited for someone who is happy just having a dog who has day trips in quieter rural places.

CONNIE will perfectly suit an active family willing to provide her with exercise, mental stimulation, and love. She would thrive in an environment where she can be the center of attention and enjoy the company of her human family members.

CONNIE is fully healthy. Spayed. Has all core vaccines done, microchipped.

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