URGENT: UK Surrender -TWIG – 2 year old boy – Large-Lurcher

TWIG is a beautiful, active, friendly boy, around 2 year old, Lurcher.   Reduced adoption fees.

Based in DERBY, Midlands, available for adoption over UK (collection from location or sometimes part way meeting can be agreed)

SIZE: Large [75 cm shoulder height/ 23 kilos]
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Very joyful, active, human-lover, and trustful
DOGS: friendly and playful with other dogs
CATS: Not tested
CHILDREN: Best suited for older kids, 9+

TWIG first came to our Rescue in September 2022, as about 5 months UK surrendered pup. He  changed a few fosters until he was adopted by experiences in Greyhounds lady. He was not the easiest pup- very active, mouthy, jumpy, but at the same time very loving affectionate. But we were receiving lovely updates  how sweet and nice he is until last week he was brought to our doors and we been told that he bit hard another, recently adopted Lurcher and needed to be surrendered immediately, without any notice. Same time it was TWIG who had a few wounds on his legs.  He came with nothing, no bed or toy, not even harness or normal leash and stayed overnight at home  in one room with 7 dogs. He was very interested to play but respected boundaries, showing no aggression.

TWIG is currently at Foster with other dog and that’s what  Foster says about him:

” Twig is the most loveable and sweetest boy. He is dog friendly, has been living with my Frenchie and gets along with her very well.  Since being with me, he has shown NO signs of aggression towards people or dogs.
When on walks, will bark at other dogs and want to play with them but easily lead away, he can pull on the lead sometimes, but usually is quite good and walks well, loves going for walks / runs! At home, he loves snuggling up to his people, and loves a good belly rub! Twig is very loving and wants to lay on the sofa with you.

No resource guarding with food, he happily waits for you to give it to him! Also loves his treats

He can get zoomies like all dogs, and when he does he likes to run back and forth and play with his toys either with people or happily on his own!

Twig knows how to sit and give paw, and does listen to his name and responds to you.

He has lots of energy but also enjoys relaxing and laying down in the house. When he gets playful he can jump/bounce and due to his large size he may be too playful for little kids

He deserves the best life and is looking for his fur-ever home!”

TWIG is neutered, housetrained, and knows how to walk on a leash, but he does pull sometimes . He is very joyful, active, playful, and happy, still thinking he is a puppy. He adores running and playing with other dogs and even without them, enjoying every minute of his life.

TWIG is very much human-oriented and loves everyone straight away when he meets. He loves to stand, hug, and shower with affection every human. His best match is an active family that loves walks and adventures – TWIG will be the best companion for them. He loves children and wants to play with them, but taking into account his excitement and size, he will better suit a home with older kids, 9+.

TWIG is fully healthy. He is neutered, microchipped and has all core vaccines done.



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