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HARRY (aka ANDRE) is  a small-size boy with a heart of gold and the kindest nature you can ever meet in a dog. a calm and very easy-going dog with no phobias, friendly with people and dogs. Reduced Adoption Fee.

ANDRE arrived in UK in March 2024. Located Tonbridge TN9 2BX4. But now family thinks they are not the best match for him and asked to find him a new home.

SIZE: Small (38 cm shoulder height / 14 kilos, a bit overweight, ideally should be10-11 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Kind nature, Calm, Easy-going, doesn’t like strangers coming into a house
DOGS: Good with dogs
CATS: Not tested
CHILDREN: Good with older 10+

ANDRE (now HARRY) was brought to the rescue by the military in Autumn 2022. He joined a military unit near the Bakhmut front line and lived with soldiers in trenches for a few months. He became a real friend and mental support for them, and everyone just loved him. As soldiers often move and were concerned about ANDRE’s safety, they decided to send him deep into the country, far from active combat areas. When one of the soldiers got a short holiday, he brought ANDRE to the rescue.

HARRY is a wonderful boy who loves human companionship. He enjoys his walks with lots of sniffing. At home, he is calm and cuddly. HARRY is friendly with other dogs, regardless of gender, and can make a good companion to another calm and friendly dog. He can also be happy as the only pet since humans really matter to him. He can be the perfect companion for a retired family who doesn’t have visitors very often, but still love to walk without excessive exercise. Any family that adopts him will be pleased and happy to have such a great family pet.

HARRY is a delightful dog with a calm demeanor and a loving nature. He would thrive in a home where he can be part of a family and receive the love and attention he deserves.

Current Family’s Feedback:
“We are very sad to say goodbye to HARRY. He can be a very sweet boy when he is with just me and my husband. We have been trying to teach him to play with toys but without much success so far. However, he will jump about and be a bit silly when we go into the garden or get ready for a walk.

He enjoys a walk, but not too long. We go into the fields and woods where he is off-lead and can have a good sniff around. He is very good at staying close and following. He has even had a paddle in a stream. He walks well on the lead and doesn’t have any problems with cyclists, joggers, pedestrians, or vehicles passing. He does like to stop and sniff.

He travels well in the car. He will sit in the footwell but may need help to jump in. He does appear to have stiffness in his back legs, particularly. I have been giving him “Beaphar” joint tablets, which seem to have helped a bit. The behaviorist feels he might benefit from some mild pain relief from the vet.

He doesn’t mind other dogs but can bark if they are excitable or bark at him. He may benefit from living with another calm dog. It may give him comfort and more confidence that all is okay and help him settle. He doesn’t like people coming into the house. He barks loudly and continually while they are here. We use a baby gate into the family room where he has his bed so he would feel he has a safe space when strangers come. However, this doesn’t really help.

In conclusion, the behaviourist we called, feels HARRY would be happiest in a quiet home where he could see out his retirement without the pressure of needing to be too sociable. I wish it could have been here with us, but sadly, we are not what he needs.”

HARRY is healthy, although he does have some stiffness in his back legs, which might benefit from joint support supplements and a bit of weight loss. He is neutered, has a full vaccination pack, and is microchipped. HARRY has been C.Brucella tested (licensed laboratory).

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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