UK surrender: VERY MUCH OVERLOOKED: HOLLY – beautiful soul is in kennels- GIVE HER A CHANCE

HOLLY is  a kind-hearted girl, around 6 years old, who is currently in desperate need of a loving home.

HOLLY is fading in the kennels, losing her spark and weight with each passing day. She was surrendered through no fault of her own and has been overlooked since March. This sweet girl has so much love to give.

Based in Midlands, Lichfield WS13, available over UK, happy to help with transport.   Reduced adoption fee.

SIZE: Medium (52 cm height / 20 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Active, playful, people-loving
DOGS: Needs careful introduction due to reactivity
CATS: Not recommended
CHILDREN: Great with older children (8+)

HOLLY’s was surrendered by her owners after being part of their family for 3 years. Her family, facing heavy personal circumstances and poor health, could no longer provide the care and time she deserved. Despite no fault of her own, HOLLY went to kennels, where she has been overlooked time and again. She has lost weight, her spirit is fading, and she desperately needs a home to call her own.

HOLLY is not just a dog; she’s a bundle of love waiting to be unleashed. Fully housetrained and spayed. HOLLY loves all humans, including children, and is always eager to give and receive affection. She loves to play with her toys and enjoys interactive games like ‘find the treat.’

However, HOLLY struggles with reactivity towards other dogs and needs a good amount of exercise to help manage her energy levels. She requires an environment where she can receive proper management and plenty of physical and mental stimulation. HOLLY loves snuggling and will be your constant companion, always ready for a cuddle.

Her previous family describes her as playful, clever, and affectionate. HOLLY enjoys playing with her toys, though they don’t last long with her enthusiastic ragging. She can perform tricks and loves to be challenged with treat-based games. Despite her high energy outdoors, she is calm and cuddly at home, making her the perfect companion for both active play and quiet relaxation.

HOLLY’s heartbreaking situation calls for a compassionate and understanding adopter. She is a loving and affectionate girl who doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of her life in kennels. By giving HOLLY a home, you will not only save her but also gain a loyal and loving friend who will fill your days with joy and companionship. She is not a bad dog; she simply needs the right environment and a family willing to give her the love and care she deserves.

HOLLY has no known health issues. She is neutered, fully vaccinated (rabies, DHLPP), and microchipped. All dogs are provided with tapeworm treatment before adoption.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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