Large size 37kg. Not castrated, rescue will help with cost.

GORU is friendly, loving, happy and playful. He can be a bit shy with new people and will definitely need time to settle and get used to new environment

GORU was adopted a year ago as a young pup. But family has bad circumstances and need to re-home him.

GORU is friendly, loving, happy and playful. He can be nervous with new people and will definitely need time to settle and get used to new environment.

GORU currently lives with family with few cats. They really love him unf dye to heavy personal circumstances can’t keep him  That’s what they say about him:

“Goru is a beautiful boy with a gorgeous soul. He is very soft and comfortable at home and playing in the garden. He is good on the lead although he can be very strong in the first few minutes of a walk. He sits when you stop to cross a road and learns very quickly. I would definitely suggest a family without dogs and who have extra time to spend with him doing training. He is well behaved at cafes and inside shops. He will bark at new people but as soon as they give him a treat or stroke him he is their best friend! He is very obedient and is now crate trained. He knows commands such as: bed, sit, down, paw and heel. He is left in the house for a few hours alone when myself and my partner are working and is fine being left on his own. He has been left for maximum 6 hours and he was fine. Goru is honestly such a lovely boy with a very good heart and sweet personality. He will be a very very loyal companion once he has had a bit more training and will protect his owners well. A very good guard dog and very happy boy! “
GORU will suit a family with lots of time for him as he loves his walks and little training sessions. Hes very food motivated and clever which means he responds well to training and will really thrive with the more time people put into him, however it also means that any food around the house will have to be well out of reach if hes left by himself. He absolutely loves curling up on the sofa with you and watching a film.
GORU is very strong on a lead although can be really good walking. In the car he is very excited but travels well. He sleeps on his bed or on sofa.
GORU is very affectionate and human oriented. He is very smart and love learning new things will enjoy puppy training classes or agility classes. He can be very nervous until he gets to know people. He’s very easily excitable.

GORU have no known health issues vaccinated rabies, DHLPP,  microchipped.


If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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